Quality Control

Our products undergo a rigorous quality assessment procedure.We first check the materials and components used, then at each stage of production there are further random checks on product units.
The finished product is tested pre-packaging and each product is checked before delivery.
All of these are 100% quality inspections.

Our quality control testing equipment is imported from the USA and Japan, and includes specialized testing devices such as Standard Antenna Testers and Magnetic Strength Testers.

Research and Development

Our company is always seeking to develop products to meet buyer and market demands.We continue to improve our products with advances in design,efficiency and quality.
At the same time we are developing new products and breaking into new markets.

Our measuring and testing services include:

Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR)

To determine matching between the antenna and the transceiver in the prototype.
Best possible matching, over the entire band, is essential to minimizing power losses. Based on the result of VSWR measurements Evertime can also carry out network matching.

Matching network
To get the best possible impedance match between transceiver,transmission line and antenna. In this measurement the VSWR result is optimized by choosing the proper layout and component values for the matching net, and the maximum potential of the antenna is shown.

Transmission line optimization
To get the best possible impedance match between transceiver, transmission line and antenna. In this measurement the VSWR result is optimized by minimizing the attenuation between the antenna and the transceiver through testing and design of the transmission line.

3D radiation pattern
To show the radiation pattern of the antenna when mounted in the actual device. This measurement is needed to assure the required functionality. You can easily see if an antenna really is sufficiently omnidirectional or if a directional antenna has the expected radiation.

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)
To verify compliance with national/international regulations concerning SAR (absorbed electromagnetic energy in humans).

Electrical and magnetic field measurements
To examine the electrical and magnetic fields on the surface of the product (prototype) and antenna. This is one of the most important measurements and the result is used during the development process to verify functionality and to ensure SAR compliance.

Radom vibration test
Drop test

We also provide consultancy services covering the design, development, application and implementation of your particular antenna solution.

Machinery/Equipment for R&D
The R&D department possesses an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer and CAD/CAM. All are imported from the USA and Japan.

  • RF Network Analyzer Advantest R3763B(300~3.6GHz)
  • RF Network Analyzer HP 8752(300K~1.3GHz)
  • AutoCAD Mechanical Structure Design Tool
  • Magnetic Strength Tester

  • Standard Antenna Tester
  • RF Network Analyzer HP 8711
  • Two Channel Oscilloscope TAS 465
  • RF Communications TEST HP 8920A(400K~1GHz)
  • Transmission/Reflection network Analyzer HP 8753ET(300KHz~6GHz)
  • Vector Network Analyzer System NAS-37247C(40MHz~20GHz)

After Sales Service

Our company provides a comprehensive sales service, including shipping, export documents, quality inspection and advice on product usage and maintenance. These services are offered through our company's own network of offices and through our customers' service departments, phone or email.


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